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I love to Corchet

I’m bit confuse on what to do for homework, Let see I know that we are supposed to view a process document. I have found this website that tech you how to crochet a scarf. The manual is on also there is a video on YouTube Called How to Crochet a Scarf: How to Crochet a Scarf Single stitch.  Well to do make a scarf you going to need yarn and a needling hook, oh yes do not confuse your self with knitting  is to needle and crochet is one needle and there are some other differences but you don’t really need to know that right now.  First you will take you needle and yarn and you will make and not to start your scarf off Then you will make a chain and with that chain you just created you base of your scarf, great job. No w the second thing you will do is once your base is done your going to overlap by doing single crochet meaning you take your needle nd put it in your chain and then you will take yarn and place on your hook and pull through  showing that you have two loops and take yarn again and put it on your hook and pull through having once again and you will keep processing you wards creating a stacks  of single crochet untill you find your scarf long enough and then you take you last loop and cut it off closing you scarf. Good Job you just made yourself a Scarf for christmas or a great gift for someone. I hope you in joy this as much as I have, Thank you 

– Lynn Jean

Tips & Strategies

In Reading Badke  I was able to discovery a whole of new world information and new ideas in doing my reasearch paper. The strategies I will use when writing my first draft is trying to from my question into any an introduction, by taking the word and adjusting it in an open sentences that addresses the points I want to make form the first point to the ended point. The second, thing is I make it flow in a smooth out way ending one sentence and making it connect with another sentence.  Last, I would bring it all together drawing and ending, and then ask myself does everything sound good: proof reading, If I give this paper or read it to a five-year-old and up will they understand what I’m saying.  Well when I’m writing another research paper I would get stuck on a lot of this like the introduction and the conclusion the middle part does not bother me so much that I can’t do it, the only thing is that when the paper is more 2 pages and etc. – it get a little crazy because sometimes I talk about everything I needed to say I don’t Have any more words left so How do I fill the rest of the pages up. Yes I feel uncertain and I have question on the research paper like basic How to have a good introduction and conclusion how to make my paper longer without repeating the same stuff over and over.

-Lynn Jean

what I Learned

In our last 3 classes I read Bake Chapter 5-7  and some other articles about wonderful ways on searching, advice on narrowing things, and databases that are used worldwide. Which makes life easier and obtainable to have access to.  I learn so many new things from the reading to just talking in class. One example is advanced internet searching – In class I learn to think outside the box: what comes to mind when searching?, what are some website that you use on a daily base?, and how to explore using these websites. I recently comment on one of by peers blog about Google which I found very unique – My peer wrote about using Google’s scholar and Google’s Books but what I really found interesting is Google’s Advance search button – when you type in a word you get over a billion searching on that word, but when you click the advance search button on that word you get about hundred searches; by using this button you able to narrow you search down making you cut out the time spend on search things that don’t have to do with you topic.

The second example is  searching library catalogs – In class we search the library database and type in Keywords that related to our research topic, by doing this the class was able to find books, electronic books, and other places that might have the book if our local library does not have it. The last example is searching articles database – In class, we look in the library search again and click on ‘find articles’ which help us find articles and scholarly articles on our research topics this help us in building our annotated bibliography.

I learn thorough out theses classes that space is the limit to searching information because information is not just a ton of works that is scatter in different areas, but it organizes in many catalogs. which makes life easier and helpful. I see myself using these new skills in everything I do especially for school in papers, reports, and etc.


One Strategy, I’m using is 5.3.8 Retrace your steps by William B. Badke.  Mr. Badke talks about “Be prepared to go back and figure out what you did wrong or how you could get better results. look for “refine search” or “search again” options. Journal database searching often demands experimentation to find just the right combination of terms that will nail down what you are looking for.” What Mr. Badke is saying is to narrow things down, retract my steps in finding what I’m trying to look for, what I’m trying to learn from my topic and etc. The only difficulties that I’m having is that I can’t seem to find a topic question for my paper. My question is to broad: What is some effect  of copyright being too restricted and is it fair to society? I’m not sure how to narrow it down or may i should start all over. I look up keywords like restricted, society,fair, and copyright; all these words have giving me many search engines. The standard internet search I’m using is Google, Ask; which I found it to me very helpful in finding articles like  for example Court case sparks Issues of copyright Infringement by Joshua Kaufman.

My Topic

My Topic: what are some of the effects copyright has by being too restricted, and is it fair for society? The difficulties that I am encountering as I work on my research proposal are that I believe I might get lost in writing this paper. Which makes me feel that the really question is what am I trying to find out, and what are the key factors that I am trying to forces on that can bring my paper together and not all over the place. The strategies that I am using are trying to pick out key words for the topic. For example words like copyright and what does it mean, the effect showing the reader what are some of the good and the bad effects of copyright being restricted. The reason for it policy, why does society feel that it unfair; are we being selfish or are they (the owners) being selfish. Restrictions like a barriers and laws a list cases –going to court and etc. Mickey vs. Wire Magazines, Eldred vs. Ashcroft and etc. The questions that concerns me is how I can make my topic narrower and to the point without getting over the top and having words everywhere having my paper go down in flames.

Lynn Jean


Copyright is ” the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc. works granted such right by law on or after January 1,1978, are protected for the lifetime of  the author or creator and for  a period of 50 years after his or he death.” – According to This qoute means that the word copyright when pulled apart copy given you legal docoment that is set in “stone” (a period of time) also the word right is the ablity to have, it your power allowing you to do it. The reason for picking copyright topic is the fact I became inspire by my class and peers; how in class discuss about copyright and one of my peers posed a question about referring to The Mickey Mouse law and it copyright. He said: “what if someone had a tattoo of  Mickey Mouse tattoo on their arm would they start giving summing about having their log on the person arm”. which inspire me to look farther in this topic and realizing how crazy society can be to even go that far to have a law in posed or copyright.  

– Lynn Jean

What Has Society Come To?

Today In class we talk about how plagiarism and how there are some gray areas to it, mean that it not only “black and white” – according to Ms. Mauric Isserman author of Plagiarism: a lie of the mind. The reason for this gray areas due to the fact you can get away with and some you can’t. For example my Professor gave the class a Plagiarism/Academic Misconduct Quiz  and check this out!
Do you think this is Plagiarism or it ok to do? (P/ Ok)
____ I got my friend to read my paper and write down other quotes that would help support my argument.
The answer is_P_beacuse the reader is doing the work for the writer, but yet the instructors may assign students such tasks as part of Peer Response work which makes this a gray area.
In class I found Copyright very interesting and how their are certain laws saying that it ok to use the material that have been copyright for over a number of years and that it not ok to use the material at all whatsoever.  The Example that the class engage in The Mickey Mouse law and how they would write people up for using there Mickey Mouse log. One of my college peers pose a question referring to The Mickey Mouse law. He said: “what if someone had a tattoo of  Mickey Mouse tattoo on their arm would they start giving summing about having their log on the person arm. That crazy how society may even go that far to have a law in posed.  The question that reminds in the air for me is that what ok to have for yourself and what not ok, due to the fact society is being censure and have laws for everything.

-Lynn Jean

Suject Headings:

NC – Drawing. Design. Iullstration

J – General legislative and executive papers