What Has Society Come To?

Today In class we talk about how plagiarism and how there are some gray areas to it, mean that it not only “black and white” – according to Ms. Mauric Isserman author of Plagiarism: a lie of the mind. The reason for this gray areas due to the fact you can get away with and some you can’t. For example my Professor gave the class a Plagiarism/Academic Misconduct Quiz  and check this out!
Do you think this is Plagiarism or it ok to do? (P/ Ok)
____ I got my friend to read my paper and write down other quotes that would help support my argument.
The answer is_P_beacuse the reader is doing the work for the writer, but yet the instructors may assign students such tasks as part of Peer Response work which makes this a gray area.
In class I found Copyright very interesting and how their are certain laws saying that it ok to use the material that have been copyright for over a number of years and that it not ok to use the material at all whatsoever.  The Example that the class engage in The Mickey Mouse law and how they would write people up for using there Mickey Mouse log. One of my college peers pose a question referring to The Mickey Mouse law. He said: “what if someone had a tattoo of  Mickey Mouse tattoo on their arm would they start giving summing about having their log on the person arm. That crazy how society may even go that far to have a law in posed.  The question that reminds in the air for me is that what ok to have for yourself and what not ok, due to the fact society is being censure and have laws for everything.

-Lynn Jean

Suject Headings:

NC – Drawing. Design. Iullstration

J – General legislative and executive papers


4 responses to “What Has Society Come To?

  1. I think the MIckey Mouse issuse is a bit over board. They are going far beyond the idea of copy right and having the right to own. It’s like saying that little kids who look up to Mickey for whatever reasons, can’t even trace over pictures for their rooms. the sad thing is that many people dont know whats going on. I read in an article that somethings may not say that it is copy right but in fact really is. In this day and age many things are and we aren’t aware. i understand people want to be known for their work but sometimes are taken a little too far.


  2. I think that the point of copyrights is to protect the intellectual property of the creators of written words, images, paintings, etc. We may find it ridiculous that the Image of Mickey mouse is protected, but how would we like it if someone took an image that we created ( photograph, drawings,etc.) and proceeded to use it in a manner that you did not approve of, say a pornographic cartoon strip or movie using your character. The fact that your product is successful and recognized by millions should not invalidate our right to ownership. On the contrary, it should entitle you to reap the benefits of your creativity.


  3. I agree with your opinion on plagiarism. Indeed, it is really hard to
    judge which instance is plagiarism or not. The quiz that the professor
    gave us was so interesting. Actually, I got wrong answers on some of
    them. As an international student, I always go to the writing center
    at school and check my essay before I hand in; however, I never
    thought it was plagiarism since those writing was my opinion and
    ideas, I thought it was ok. Yet, I don’t still believe my writing
    skills so I surely need someone who help me to fix my writing. But, if
    it is plagiarism what am I going to do?

  4. Hyeongi, your question about the writing center is a good one. I encourage everyone to go to the writing center and work with the tutors there (I’ll announce this in class, too). It’s so valuable to have someone else proofread our work. The tutors should help point out weaknesses in grammar and writing, not simply fix them, though. Let me know if you experience otherwise!

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