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In Reading Badke  I was able to discovery a whole of new world information and new ideas in doing my reasearch paper. The strategies I will use when writing my first draft is trying to from my question into any an introduction, by taking the word and adjusting it in an open sentences that addresses the points I want to make form the first point to the ended point. The second, thing is I make it flow in a smooth out way ending one sentence and making it connect with another sentence.  Last, I would bring it all together drawing and ending, and then ask myself does everything sound good: proof reading, If I give this paper or read it to a five-year-old and up will they understand what I’m saying.  Well when I’m writing another research paper I would get stuck on a lot of this like the introduction and the conclusion the middle part does not bother me so much that I can’t do it, the only thing is that when the paper is more 2 pages and etc. – it get a little crazy because sometimes I talk about everything I needed to say I don’t Have any more words left so How do I fill the rest of the pages up. Yes I feel uncertain and I have question on the research paper like basic How to have a good introduction and conclusion how to make my paper longer without repeating the same stuff over and over.

-Lynn Jean


2 responses to “Tips & Strategies

  1. I understand perfectly what you are saying because I think I have some of the same problems doing this research paper. Sometimes I’m too worry in trying to write a paper that everyone can understand clearly my ideas and my words, and trust me sometimes this could take a really good amount of time to think and rethink what I want to write. I also understand that sometimes it’s difficult to write something that we haven’t talk about and definitely sometimes I don’t know what else to write. However I think that everyone in the class will succeed doing this paper, by using some of the strategies suggested on the book.

  2. These are good questions! One of the reasons you’re required to have at least 5 sources for this paper is to insure that you’ll have enough to write about to meet the 5 page requirement. I find the introduction and conclusion to be more difficult than the body of a paper, too. One strategy I use is to create an outline, write the body of the paper, and then write the conclusion and introduction last. As you wrote above, be sure to mention your research question in the introduction to your paper. It might be a good idea to print out your research question and keep it in sight as you write your paper so that it is always there to guide you.

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