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How to find a job after college

Since the U.S economy was destroyed in 2008, the rate of unemployment also soared up to 10 percentage of entire population of the U.S. Based on yesterday’s news, it drops to 9.2. People need to build their own strategy of getting a job before getting out of college. There is a process that informs individuals about how to get and find a job after college. First, do today and every day. Students may think that they can find a job after graduation; however, they have to start now -“Do an action now and every day.” Next is ” Cast a wide net.” Don’t narrow your opportunities by your career. You need to expand your career and find a job in any field that related to their own career. Accounting students may be able to apply to any field that is related to finance such as colleges or hospitals, not only for accounting companies. “Use social networking sites.” Online will really help you to find jobs. ” Network with neighbors.” Go to a cocktail party and talk with strangers, friends, family members, or cosines. They may help or invest you find a job. Introduce them by yourself and make and expand  your social network. ” Follow up often.” Don’t wait until they call you after sending your resumes. Email and visit to employers and let them know you really want this job.

Interview with Lindsay Pollak, author of “Getting from College to Career,” on CBSNEWS.

-Hyeongi Kim



Post Response

I have written many research papers during my college years in both Korea and the U.S. However, I didn’t know that research papers have strategies that make them better papers. Although I wasn’t aware of those writing techniques, I have actually received good grades on my previous papers. I think that the good results came because I found good research topics. I strongly believe that good research topics bring half of the work already done for you. Now, I have a topic that is related to researching strategies. I worried about the fact that my topic was in a question style, therefore I would have to derive some results and find answers of the question. I also have an uncertain feeling of my answers in my mind. It’s time to write the draft. However, before starting the research paper, I will find more detailed information that prove my answers against my question-like topic. I believe that I have a good topic and it will be of great help for my writing.

-Hyeongi Kim


Research Post

I learned some search strategies in English composition class. My English professor gave us a research project during the semester and offered a lecture from City Tech library. So, I have some idea about searching library catalogs and article databases. And, I actually used those data base in the library. However, I learned a lot in this library class about strategies of researching not only skills of collecting data. I am actually knowing how to find relevant information by online, journal, library data base. Also, I am getting the ‘Critical Mind’ when I search data. Now, we need  to find bibliography due on this Thursday. And, I have a confidence to search data through the varied routes that I learned in class. Also, it will be really helpful when I study master degree and work in my field, Architecture.

-Hyeongi Kim

Research Blog Post

Using scholarly sources brings many benefits to your research paper. We have an easy-pass to access those scholarly sources-the article databases in the library. Google scholarly is also one of the main scholarly sources which we can access easily. However, there are some drawback to using those relevant and smart sources. Although most scholarly sources contain right information and expert information, there is also a possibility that the scholarly source also contain their authors’ bias. Technology or science articles may represent facts; however, some articles which argue some common topics such as political or economic issues definitely contain authors’ thoughts and ideas. Since the scholarly sources sound like truth, it is easy to be convinced by those expert sources. Also, we have to avoid plagiarism when we use the scholarly sources. We have practice critical thinking when we read the scholarly sources. Scholarly sources won’t give you the truth every time.

-Hyeongi Kim

Research Journal

Some people say my topic is good and one of the most curious topic that we learned about in class. Search engine bias, I think, is a kind of a broad topic. As Bedki stated in Chapter 2, a good research paper starts from wise and narrow questions. Therefore, I think I need to narrow my topic. For instance, Google’s bias. Also, I am worried that there already exists several articles with the same topic. I also wonder if it is fine that I research the topic again even though there may exist prior research papers. If I can do so, I also worry about the research bias. Since I already read some articles, I could have preconceived notions and biases about the topic.

-Hyeongi Kim

Research Paper Topic

In class, we had numerous discussions on whether or not information found on the internet may be true. Most people utilize search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL to find needed information. This is why i want to take the basic search engine bias to avoid retrieving wrong information. Nowadays, most search engines seem like they have what we want and need. In actuality, however, they offer information that they want to show. I am curious as to how the search engine bias works and want to find example about this case. I will also derive the topic: “How can we avoid the search engine bias and what do we need to know about it?”

-Hyeongi Kim

I Wanna Have Critical Mind

As I mentioned before, today, there is much information, so it is not easy to research. Technology makes it a lot easier to find information but also we need to improve research skills and develop critical mind when we find information. Although we discussed about those issues, I still don’t know how to keep critical aspects in my mind. I am, sometimes, convinced by wrong information when I read tricky issues such as science, political, and or even entertainment gossip. Indeed, it is really hard to figure out which information is true or not. There are some issues about arguing about internet posts. A famous singer in South Korea graduated Stanford university with a nice grade in a short amoung of time–he finished his master and bachelor degree in 3years and half year but some online blog suspected his diploma of being false and the rumor that he didn’t actually graduated from Stanford University is spread out whole country. And many people started to believe the conspicuous (some people still don’t believe his diploma). And, now, both the singer and the bloggers are suing each other and Korean main broadcast company, MBC, made a documentary about  his issue and problem online posts. Through this issue, I was confused which one is truth and both side showed many documents and papers that support their own side that make people confused. And I want to build a critical view and know how to get critical mind.

-Hyeongi Kim