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Last Post!

Hey everyone !! i want to just post one more time on this blog because the year is finally over. I want to say thanks to the class for a great learning experience and I also want to thank the professor for teaching us. This class was fun and very interesting. i hope everyone had as much fun as i did. THANKS !!! lol

Group Project Presentation

Group members : Richard chen, Hyeongi Kim, Clinton


G. Ramsey’s Wellington recipe

This link is to the video on how Chef Gordon Ramsey is making his Beef Wellington from his show on the UN channel called the F word. Here he teaches step by step on how to prepare and cook it. So it starts off with sealing the beef so the juice wouldn’t spill out, then a layer of semi-cooked “blitzed” (0:46) or blended finely and wrapped a first time with ham. Then refrigerate and taken out once more to add a layer on pastry dough to give it a texture when baking it. Lastly he refrigerates it once more before the glaze and “scores” which allows the dough to rise a little and then baking to finish it off. Each step is extremely important because if u miss a step, the result just might not be the same and the flavor would be different. I chose this specific short media is because Besides just showing a person how to make it, this video goes close in order to make sure you can see each point and hopefully those who are following the recipe wont mess it up.


Thoughts to Piracy

Pirating is a very big problem at this very moment with the world advancing into a more futuristic point. Like Books, everything else is trying to have a go at the media from music to videos and also to video games. During class i have talked about something i saw online about how pirating old record disks.”

I think that this picture shows what we as humans do since the time that interesting things get places into the markets. We see something interesting that we like and we have to obtain it. One of the best ways to do that these days is to directly download everything we want.  One point that we had during class that really stood out to me was that we download everything we are interested in and when we like it, we then pay to obtain the real object. I find it fascinating that it is true. Everyone who listens or sees something that fit to their liking at our age would just download it and then after a period of time, if we are still addicted to that same thing, we would end up buying it just like the fans of music that spreads around the world these days.

Subject Headings:

CB- History of Civilization

CD-Diplomatics, Archives, Seals


The Education for Hire

On page 10 of the Martin 7 reading, there is a box that consist of the ideas for knowledge which are very accurate on how we as students have to go through during our education. But one point stands out very much to me and it is:

“Scholarly openness and cooperation take second place to
the academic rat race and power struggle which involves
toadying, backstabbing, aggrandisement of resources and
suppression of dissidents”.

This part of the reading is very interesting because this topic involves not only the use of power struggling but also the idea of taking ones work as themselves and whats makes another person do it. The thought of scholarly information is a “rat race” tells me that even in writing daily information to writing a book we as students aren’t the only ones that have to follow the rules of plagiarism and for a writer one must always be careful of how they store their findings due the the idea of “backstabbing” your work might be lost.


Blog Response2

Since the start of the well known existence of the “WEB”, the reading questions whether or not is it good for the economy and for the writers themselves and how it affects the world. As we know today, publishers have always been tough on what type of materials they want to help publish because of the word money. With the WEB now, it is easier for new writers and those who want to share their thoughts express themselves freely and easier since at this time, technology is booming worldwide.

Because of this existence, it is true the writing community might not like all these “unsupervised” expressions on thoughts yet without the WEB, we see that there was always a limit to where the writings of today and of the past ends up. One important thing in the WEB is just like what we use in class which is this very Blog. In this blog, we as students can share our thoughts and ideas throughout the world and read the thoughts of others. Of course there are problems with the WEB from glitches to bugs that exist daily, but this doesn’t mean that we will abandon every other ways to transfer out thoughts and creations. Just because of the WEB, we as humans aren’t going to give up writing on paper and pens so that in the future if anything happens to the WEB, we won’t depend fully on it. It is always better to have a extra “hard/physical” draft or everything we post online or on paper.

Subject headings:

Z- Books

ZA-Information Resources

-Richard Chen

Blog Response 1

As a student in college, it is true that we don’t have all the time in the world to read a passage thoroughly enough in order to summarize up what we need in detail. Therefore the term “Be Ruthless” applies to us, yet compared to high school, we can remember that all we needed to do is look for specific words in a passage to give us an idea in what to write and read. Yet as time goes on, college changes that due to the requirement of more details and to be more careful about how we words things with the idea of plagiarism in mind. Since the passage wants us to determine from our own point of view “what are the best ways to read a passage and understand how to take what we need from it”, the best idea wouldn’t be to just skim or rush through anything.

As a college student even if what we read is boring, I find it required to make sure one does not let any part go cause details in a passage might just be what we need in order to understand what the stand point of the author would be. With experience, I have noticed that when reading something, there are multiple points of view when skipping certain parts of a passage. As long as we only look at a part of the passage that we read, we aren’t able to see the full view of what the author is trying to persuade us into understanding from his own point of view. Of course, if the material is in a great deal of need and has to be limited to time, it is normal to “Be Ruthless” and aim for certain parts, but in the end it might not get that reader to understand the full importance of what the author would want to display.

-Richard Chen