I love to Corchet

I’m bit confuse on what to do for homework, Let see I know that we are supposed to view a process document. I have found this website that tech you how to crochet a scarf. The manual is on www.aokcorral.com/projects/how2 also there is a video on YouTube Called How to Crochet a Scarf: How to Crochet a Scarf Single stitch.  Well to do make a scarf you going to need yarn and a needling hook, oh yes do not confuse your self with knitting  is to needle and crochet is one needle and there are some other differences but you don’t really need to know that right now.  First you will take you needle and yarn and you will make and not to start your scarf off Then you will make a chain and with that chain you just created you base of your scarf, great job. No w the second thing you will do is once your base is done your going to overlap by doing single crochet meaning you take your needle nd put it in your chain and then you will take yarn and place on your hook and pull through  showing that you have two loops and take yarn again and put it on your hook and pull through having once again and you will keep processing you wards creating a stacks  of single crochet untill you find your scarf long enough and then you take you last loop and cut it off closing you scarf. Good Job you just made yourself a Scarf for christmas or a great gift for someone. I hope you in joy this as much as I have, Thank you 

– Lynn Jean


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