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After a few weeks in class developing and doing research to find information that will be use to support my ideas, we are now in the process of developing and supporting the general idea of the paper. Some of the most important parts at the beginning of this process were to keep a strong goal orientation, have a purpose and define the research question. Now we have to start working on building the structure and the bases for our draft paper; it’s recommended to do an outline, to do an introduction, develop and support the idea, and have a conclusion. The paragraphs need to be well organized and always remember where you are going and to keep the balance when you are using your sources to support your ideas

Class notes 10/14 and 10/19

If you’d like to refer back to our class discussions on the research process, here are the powerpoint notes:

Thu 10/14: LIB1201_1014

Tue 10/19: LIB1201_1019

Also, here’s a link to Bubbl.us, the online tool we used for creating concept maps in class on 10/14: http://bubbl.us. It’s a great tool for brainstorming, too, which might be helpful as we begin to create search strategies.

And speaking of search strategies, here’s the information search worksheet we used in class on 10/19: LIB1201_infoworksheet