How to find a job after college

Since the U.S economy was destroyed in 2008, the rate of unemployment also soared up to 10 percentage of entire population of the U.S. Based on yesterday’s news, it drops to 9.2. People need to build their own strategy of getting a job before getting out of college. There is a process that informs individuals about how to get and find a job after college. First, do today and every day. Students may think that they can find a job after graduation; however, they have to start now -“Do an action now and every day.” Next is ” Cast a wide net.” Don’t narrow your opportunities by your career. You need to expand your career and find a job in any field that related to their own career. Accounting students may be able to apply to any field that is related to finance such as colleges or hospitals, not only for accounting companies. “Use social networking sites.” Online will really help you to find jobs. ” Network with neighbors.” Go to a cocktail party and talk with strangers, friends, family members, or cosines. They may help or invest you find a job. Introduce them by yourself and make and expand  your social network. ” Follow up often.” Don’t wait until they call you after sending your resumes. Email and visit to employers and let them know you really want this job.

Interview with Lindsay Pollak, author of “Getting from College to Career,” on CBSNEWS.

-Hyeongi Kim


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