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Homework for 11/9/10

Please do the reading in Badke (see syllabus for details) and write one blog post of at least 100 words on the following:

You’ve now written your research proposal and annotated bibliography – the next step will be to write the first draft of your research paper.

– What strategies will you use when writing your first draft?

– What’s worked well for you when you’ve written other research papers?

– Do you feel uncertain or have any questions about writing the research paper?

Textbook update

I went down to the bookstore to check in on your textbook. They are ordering new copies which should be available on Thursday. We’ll be taking a break from Badke for the next month so I strongly encourage you to pick up the book before we get back to it in early October. You may also want to pick up a used copy from Amazon.com, Half.com or other online bookstores.

I also checked on the PDF version of the book (to purchase for $6) and the link did work for me, so if you had trouble with the link in the past you might want to try it again.

Finally, after class we found the author’s website here: http://acts.twu.ca/Library/textbook.htm. Looking through this more thoroughly I found that the Online Abridged Version of the textbook available here is similar but not the same as the print version. For example, for today’s reading the Preface is identical, Chapter 8 is shortened, and Chapter 1 is not available at all. This website is a great supplement to the book but, again, I encourage you to pick up the complete version either in paper or PDF.

–Prof Smale