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Morir Sonando

When I was younger every Friday my mother would make me my favorite drink after school. The drinks name is morir sonando which means die dreaming in Spanish. As I got older I wanted to learn how to make the drink myself so i just simply googled it. When I saw the recipe i realized it was quiet simple to make. I learned the drink is a Dominican drink which my my family is from. To make morir sonado all you need is orange juice, sugar, and evaporated milk. To serve four people you take 2 glasses of orange juice, half a cup of sugar and four cups of evaporated milk. You mix the sugar with the milk first, after its fully mixed, add the orange juice. Add ice to drink it cold.


Well this will be my first research paper so im trying to find the simplest way on writing it. Im try to read all over my sources and come up with my own answer to my research question. Im going to put some of my sources in my paper to help support my opinions for the question. I have never done a research paper so im kind of nervous on how to begin and what information should be put into the paper and what should be left out. Im going to search the internet and look at other research papers to get an idea on how to begin. One question i have is it a good way to start the paper with my question as the first sentence?
J. Lantigua

New Skills

The past three classes introduced me to new ways of finding information. In the class I learned about google scholar and google books. I never knew about scholar, it’s been very helpful with my research proposal. I knew about google books but never used it like I used google. I also learned how to use the article database which was extremely helpful. Last year in English 101 it wasn’t explain as clearly as in this class. I also learned how to use the Inter Library Loan for students. I already requested a loan for an article and it came the following day. The loan I can see myself using in the future for other project. This class has been very helpful!


Research Journal 2

Well this weekend I started searching with google scholar. Scholar is very useful it gave me many PDF articles to look at for my research question. Google books was also helpful, it showed many books for files haring which is part of my research question. Besides google, I liked using yahoo because of yahoo answers. A lot of people ask similar questions like my research question and when others answer their question they add links supporting their answers which is very helpful. But I think the library database was the most useful since they’re so many articles and books relating to my topic. Some problems I came across was finding websites relevant to my question. If I wasn’t specific with my searches I wouldn’t have found some useful information.

Research Journal

Some difficulty I had at first was choosing my question. Our research topic question had to be a question that couldn’t be easily answered. Another problem I had was that after I finally chose my question it was to big. So I had to bring it down a bit and focus on a type of category, for example I’m doing a question on the music industry. Some strategies I used upon choosing my question was trying to focus on a something that I like and that is very interesting. In class after I chose my question I found the brainstorming exercise very helpful and gave me an idea how to break down my question. A question I have is do we have limit on website we can reference and other then wikipedia what other website we cant reference.

J. Lantigua


Plagiarism a lie of the mind by Maurice Isserman was an article about how plagiarism affected her school and her thoughts on plagiarism. For me plagiarism was really acknowledge my freshman year in high school. The students in my English class were being caught copying and pasting other people work on the internet to do their essays. Just like Maurice I started paying more attention to plagiarism when one of our own got caught. Three students failed the essay because of plagiarism and after that incident my high school began teaching students what was plagiarism and how it was illegal and get you in trouble with the law. This is my second year in City Tech and this year teachers are acknowledging plagiarism more then the previous, i think it’s a good idea to explain what is it and how to avoid getting into any trouble.


For me Wikipedia is an important website and one of the top sites I visit. When I first started searching for information, I noticed that Wikipedia was almost always one of the links for my information. In the article by Baker, Charms of Wikipedia he explains how it was started and helped people self teach themselves about different topics. Wikipedia is very useful but sometimes hard to believe. Most articles in Wikipedia are on point to the information you are looking for, but others articles have been vandalized. A very interesting part of Wikipedia is that anyone can add information to it. This can be a positive or a negative aspect. It can be positive by others helping to contribute to the articles, not one person can keep updating everything. The negative part is simple, people can lie on the article and make others lose trust in Wikipedia. But I find Wikipedia very useful and have used it to do many research projects or papers.

Media in the digital age

In Pavlik’s media in the digital age he talks about how the digital media has grown and changed our society. Now that the internet has more range of networking, it now showcases audios and videos from anyone. The internet has allowed people to express themselves with sites like youtube and facebook. Most of these videos wont end up in cable television but the internet allows you to actually get notice. It lets you express your artwork and allows people with similar interest to watch or listen.  One question I have since i finished the reading, what if the internet and all the videos and audios would have been created sooner? A lot of great artist weren’t able to showcase their talents. We have a lot more great resources then people from the 60s, 70s and 80s.