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Research Journal Post 11/2/2010

The one thing that i learned how to do better was search through article databases. There are a lot of publications out there too so it can be hard sometimes to find certain things. The data bases are usually huge and it was nice to learn to get right to the point when searching.  It is the same as hunting through music archives. I couldnt imagine doing these types of searches using microfilm. Most magazines and newspapers are online now so everything is saved and easy to find if you look right.  I will most likely use this new information outside when researching for my industry.  Article databases can hold some very useful information that is quick and easy to find.

Research Journal

There are several methods I will consider using in my research draft, including the traditional method of visiting a library, I just find this a bit more comfortable then straining my eyes in front of the computer searching for ebooks, like I mentioned before, am not a big fan of technology. I will also use the method of adding or evaluating and eliminating  sources, that I will decide to use in my research paper. Strategies that has worked for me in the past are again, visiting the library and finding sources, also in some of my classes, research topics were given in relation to the course lessons, therefore any type of notes taken in the class helped in research. In my research, even though its strictly research I always provide insight on my opinion and interpretation of the topic. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but my professors never took of points for it and actually enjoyed the paper more. Lastly, its important that I answer my research question and everything that I have written and researched  concludes to a well written response to that question.


Research Journal Blog 3

My biggest problem with the research is coming up with a question. I am going to have to come up with a harder one so I can’t answer it in 2 sentences. Finding information on my topic is not hard at all. Should our questions be a thesis? The biggest thing that helped me was looking up certain things if I really did not know what it was.  Looking in certain university libraries that have departments that teach specifically about my topic.  Most of the professors that work at that certain college may be some of the most highly knowledgeable people on that topic.

Classroom for Thursday 9/16

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I’ve finalized the room for our class this Thursday, 9/16:

Projection Room, Atrium 432, Library

To get to Rm 432: enter the library, turn left and walk to the far wall, head up the small flight of stairs and straight through the door, then left into Rm 432.

I’ll also post a sign at the library entrance as a reminder. See you Thursday!

–Prof Smale