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Homework for 10/12/10

For your research journal blog post for next time, please write 100 words on the following:

Do a search on the research topic you’re considering for your paper in at least one internet search engine and one library resource (catalog or databases). What words did you use to search? What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

Also, remember to read the articles by Goodin and Levinson, and be prepared to discuss them in class.

Have a good long weekend!
Prof Smale

Homework for 10/5/10

Beginning next week we will move away from reading response blog posts and into research journal blog posts, which will lead us into the research paper.

I will give you a prompt for all of the research journal blog posts. I’ll bring the prompt to class and post it here on the website.

For next Tuesday 10/5, please write your 100-word blog post about any topic we’ve covered in class so far that you find interesting. What interests you about the topic? Is there anything on this subject you’d like to learn more about?

Also for next time, please write 1 comment on any blog post by one of your classmates, and do the reading (Badke Ch. 4 and the article by Dye, full details on the syllabus).

I’ll post and email about our classroom location on Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!
Prof Smale

Class tomorrow + computer access

Hi everyone,

We will still be in the library projection room, Rm A432, for class tomorrow. Please don’t forget to bring your copy of the readings — we will discuss them in class.

I’ve arranged for the Multimedia Lab in the library to be available for our class before tomorrow from 9:30-10am. If you need to submit your blog posts and have trouble getting to a computer before then, you can come to the lab before class and use the computers there to submit your posts. The Multimedia Lab is right across from the projection room. Please remember that your blogging homework is due by class time tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
See you tomorrow,
Prof Smale

Reading and homework for 9/16/10

As I mentioned in class on Tuesday, I’m adding a short reading for our next class on Thursday 9/16. In addition to the readings listed on the syllabus (Pavlik pp. 79-84, Malitz, Elton), please read:

Frere-Jones, Sasha. (2010, August 16 & 23). The dotted line: What do record labels do now? The New Yorker, 92-93.

Here’s a link to the article from the New Yorker’s website:

I passed out the Pavlik reading in class, but if you missed it you can read those pages on Google Books.

(The Maliz and Elton readings are linked from the Readings page on the course website as usual.)

To remind you, for homework please write 1 reading response blog post and 1 comment. And please don’t forget to bring 1 question you have about the reading to class on Thursday.

As I mentioned in class, we will meet in a different classroom next week. I will email you with details early next week, and post the details here as well.