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Group Project Online Documentation


Onion Samosa

When I get free time I love to cook. Cooking is one of my favorite thing to do which I enjoy a lots. I like love to cook different recipes. When my mom cooks something I always help her see what she cooking. Samosas is one of my favorite desserts. It is very traditional and popular among Asian people. You can make Samosas in so many different ways. Each cooks adding their own different signatures to a time grateful basic Samosas Recipe, while you could make meat, vegetables or chicken and it’s very easy to make. All other among onion Samosas is my favorite. I learn this recipe from my mom. There the link where the guy show how to make onion samosas.

Homework for 10/26/10

Last week in class we learn how to do advance researches. I used Google advance research and Google scholar. I think advance research is very helpful because it help us lots through the research also; it narrows the topic, phase research, search with a specific website and you could limit your research as you want to. And Google scholar is mostly give you all articles and journal reelected with your schaler is basically scholarly resources.By using this advance research you could find any article,  journal’s. Advance research is very useful but some time the database are to bard so you need to narrow your research key words.


Research Journal Post

When we heard the word research we think we have do lots of work. We have to about ours topic and have to find information about the topic. To find a good research question I have to research lots. First my research question was too big so I have to narrow down my it. My research topic is “the negative and positives consequents of putting your personal information in facebook.” I choose this topic because facebook is one of most popular social networking website. However, the social networking website is changing the nature of the privacy. Most of peoples upload their own picture and information in facebook but we don’t realize that it could be visible to other and at the same time those social networking website using our personal information for commutation purpose.  Sometimes ever your own could be your biggest enemy because, your personal information could split beyond the boundary and you could end up hand of third party. I don’t have any big difficulty finding my research question but it take me longer to read all the information and I have to decide which information I need and which I  don’t . Chapter two by Badke help me lots through my research because there Badke briefly describe the research strategies.



What words did you use to search?

My topic for the research is the negative and positive aspect of using facebook. in order to find out information I brake my topic in different part such as: facebook and privacy, facebook and the aspect, negative and positive effects .

What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

I used “yippy” and “Google” to find out information about my topic. They both database are basically same. The similarities between both databases are that, they both have almost same information. But they I like yippy” I think there database is much more organized and useful the Google. They have specific information and it more accrued then Google. Google database is huge but t they don’t have full view.

Rehana Begum


Rearch Mechanics

In this chapter Badke describe what is database and how to search database with keywords and hierarchies. A database is a collection of something or information that is organized and by order.  Database make research easier because it set up with alphabetically and organized search with the data we need . He gives two mechanisms of research database  : the key word searching and the hierarchies. most of us familiar with the key words searching . the key word searching is type exactly  word which you want to find out in a database. with the key word searching , we get the information about which we type.  sometimes  we don’t get what we looking for . Because there are lots of similar  database huge so we need to be specific with our key words. Badke give very useful ideas for key words searching such as using synonyms, and,or ,*  ?.

and Hierarchiers.i’m confused about this technical.

thinking about reaserch

So far in class we discuss about many different thing. But still I’m confused about research because, there is so much information out there it very difficult to find the right information. Technology makes the research lots of the technology easier but at the same time we need to know improve our research skills. The aspect the technology makes our life easier but indeed it affecting our lives. The Most of the time we just think about   the advantage of technology but we don’t thing about the down part. All the little consequences, which could take serious part of our lives. So I think we should discuss more about the technology and how it effecting our lives

Plagiarism: a lie of mind

In this article Isserman talk about what is plagiarism and how it important. He gives his own life experiences as a professor at Hamilton College what is plagiarism and what is not plagiarism.

Subject Heading:

NE- Print Media

In college courses we do many researches, read many different things and discuss them in class and incorporate them in our own words. It very important that we give credit to them where we get from it. Plagiarism is using other words or ideas without giving them credits. Plagiarism is like a crime which is steeling some one else words or ideas and put them in your own words with out giving them points. plagiarism is very important and common mistake often people make and they end up with very shameful and serious incident. For  example the president of Hamilton college  who end up with being plagiarize someone else words . Some times we got similar though with other but we have to give the points. So we need to be careful before doing our research . T o avoid plagiarism we could directly quote some one or we could summarize in our own word what  the person said.

The library quarterly

As I read this article, most of them I didn’t get but I think in this article improvise the importance of paper-based artifacts and the collection of the academic library. In past years the public library have been changed a lots. With the advance technology library become more advocated. The entire public libraries have huge collection of book, electronic book, and researches and translator. Many people argue that the libraries should shift from collection development to management. But the user only care about the information they don’t care about the formats. Many people still like to use the print out rather than the electronic document. Also he talks about different kind of book such as scroll, codex and the electronic text.

the politics of resarch

The politics of research BY Martin, which he describe the foundation of knowledge and the researches. As we all knows that “knowledge is the power”. In this chapter he mostly talks about knowledge. There are sorts of knowledge out there but we don’t obtain all source it, because our knowledge’s is limited. I agree with him because we all have curtain capacity to learn something, we could learn something thing today but forget it later on. But it very important to be knowledgeable and be wears of things. Also he bring the point that knowledge is everywhere and, But it very important to be knowledgeable and be wears of things