What words did you use to search?

My topic for the research is the negative and positive aspect of using facebook. in order to find out information I brake my topic in different part such as: facebook and privacy, facebook and the aspect, negative and positive effects .

What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

I used “yippy” and “Google” to find out information about my topic. They both database are basically same. The similarities between both databases are that, they both have almost same information. But they I like yippy” I think there database is much more organized and useful the Google. They have specific information and it more accrued then Google. Google database is huge but t they don’t have full view.

Rehana Begum



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  1. I think doing researcch on facebook and how it can effect us as a society,is a great topic. I have to disagree on one part though. Yes, Google may seem a little unorganized at times but I do use Google often when I am doing searches and I also use AOL search, since I have an AOL account. I think Google ranks on top for everyone’s list, in terms of better quality and better results. If you are really choosing facebook as your topic,there is a movie that is in the theaters now and maybe watching it may help give you an insight to facebook or reading reviews on it might help. The movie is called “Social Network”. Good luck with your topic!

  2. Thank a lot…yea I heard about the movie the move and I’m going to watch the movie hopefully.

  3. I think that this a worthy subject to study because many of us have plunged headfirst into the embrace of new “technologies” or fads that, seemingly, improve or enhance our enjoyment of life. Sadly, we later discover that there are many adverse effects to these new discoveries or fads. We have only to look at the, almost, wholesale embrace of the use of silicone, botox and tanning beds in the cosmetic industry, to see examples of how people have done things that later prove to have adverse effects on their lives. In the sphere of information management or dissemination, it is critical that we understand that once we join these social networks, we have the burden of having to protect our information so that it does not fall into the wrong hands and wind-up being used to our detriment. Additionally, we are also burdened by the fact that anything that we post, may circulate on the internet forever. This is, certainly, something to think about because we may make or post imprudent comments or images that, after reflection, we may wish we had never made or posted, yet we would be unable to do much about it.
    I look forward to seeing what conclusions you may reach on this subject.


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