Rearch Mechanics

In this chapter Badke describe what is database and how to search database with keywords and hierarchies. A database is a collection of something or information that is organized and by order.  Database make research easier because it set up with alphabetically and organized search with the data we need . He gives two mechanisms of research database  : the key word searching and the hierarchies. most of us familiar with the key words searching . the key word searching is type exactly  word which you want to find out in a database. with the key word searching , we get the information about which we type.  sometimes  we don’t get what we looking for . Because there are lots of similar  database huge so we need to be specific with our key words. Badke give very useful ideas for key words searching such as using synonyms, and,or ,*  ?.

and Hierarchiers.i’m confused about this technical.


3 responses to “Rearch Mechanics

  1. Badke wrote detail instructions to research different topics in the internet; he exposed two different methods including regulations that will help to improve your research on internet. I have the same opinion that database contains enormous amounts of information that is organize alphabetically. I also concur that key words help us to find information related to the word, but sometimes the results are to extend and sometimes we get information that we don’t need or that doesn’t provide the specific information that we need. Badke provide tips to make easier our research using not only key words, but also the hierarchy method and using symbols to make more accurate or research.

  2. I really like how you express Badke chapter. Also the way you talk about the meaning of the word database, and how it is used in organize works of literature alphabetically and it’s organized in many category but similar to content. I have learned from your blog that when researching something; take for example when you’re searching for something on the computer up, you end up with a lot of information that you may need and you don’t need as well. In what Badke examples is that when searching we need to be more specific by using symbols to narrow our searches down. For example using * mark or ” “quotation marks so that your search is more valued and exactly what you need in a sense. Thank you for you educated me.

  3. The tutorial on the internet, from Badke,which is correctly listed again by our Professor, with the starting points of research investigation, is good material. It gets right to the point. ( takes a step by step approach to how you get started on research using databases and ejournals and ebooks. Check it out. I watched alot of them today and I found it easier to understand than the reading in Badke because it actually shows you the site you would actually be using on your own computer and how to navigate around everything.

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