Research Journal Post

When we heard the word research we think we have do lots of work. We have to about ours topic and have to find information about the topic. To find a good research question I have to research lots. First my research question was too big so I have to narrow down my it. My research topic is “the negative and positives consequents of putting your personal information in facebook.” I choose this topic because facebook is one of most popular social networking website. However, the social networking website is changing the nature of the privacy. Most of peoples upload their own picture and information in facebook but we don’t realize that it could be visible to other and at the same time those social networking website using our personal information for commutation purpose.  Sometimes ever your own could be your biggest enemy because, your personal information could split beyond the boundary and you could end up hand of third party. I don’t have any big difficulty finding my research question but it take me longer to read all the information and I have to decide which information I need and which I  don’t . Chapter two by Badke help me lots through my research because there Badke briefly describe the research strategies.




One response to “Research Journal Post

  1. I agree with you in the sense that for this part of the project we have to do a lot of research and that at the beginning we have to find the information that we want to talk about and then too many questions come to our minds creating some confusion. “The negative and positives consequents of putting your personal information in facebook” , I think that this is a really interesting topic, since I have seeing the negative consequences of putting personal information on the internet. This topic sounds interesting and I’m pretty sure that people will enjoy it and get valuable information.

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