The library quarterly

As I read this article, most of them I didn’t get but I think in this article improvise the importance of paper-based artifacts and the collection of the academic library. In past years the public library have been changed a lots. With the advance technology library become more advocated. The entire public libraries have huge collection of book, electronic book, and researches and translator. Many people argue that the libraries should shift from collection development to management. But the user only care about the information they don’t care about the formats. Many people still like to use the print out rather than the electronic document. Also he talks about different kind of book such as scroll, codex and the electronic text.


2 responses to “The library quarterly

  1. As a person who’s interested in History and the conservation, I agree with Bee’s argument that the conservation/preservation of paper-based documents is critically important because it allows us to examine the document itself and not just the content (words or ideas expressed). By examining the document we can determine its authenticity (through carbon dating, fingerprints, DNA traces, etc), we can observe and study comments written on the margins; by studying the way the book was bound we can determine what method and type of glue, ink, etc. was used. All this information is of great importance for our appreciation of the social and cultural milieu in which these works were produced and read.


  2. How do you feel about the format of information, Rehana? Is there a format that you prefer? For lots of people I think that the way they get their information is a very personal decision. But that can be challenging for libraries that want to insure that there is the widest possible access to information.

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