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Finding the right information that is relevant for my research topic has been a handful. There are a lot of things on the website that you really have to read so that you know if it covers your topic. In class, I searched a few websites that I haven’t used before. I found a few helpful websites that is on teen safety, with precautions while visiting social networks. I also started to search library data bases. Library data to my surprised helped me a lot. I found a few books that seem could be a real helpful to my topic. I also found  some ebooks where I can read off the website.

Research Topic

My research topic has   been finalized. ive done a great deal of thinking on my question. i know where i want my topic to lead me but im still not sure on how to phrase my question. in class i came up with a question, which is not what i was looking for, but it is a starting point for me. the question i started with is ” How has the control of data changed over time?” sounds more of a history question when i read it. I also came up with a few supporting words which will help me on my final question.


Thoughts on Plagiarism

Last week in class we discussed a lot of interesting facts from  copy writing to plagiarism. What really caught my attention was plagiarism. To me plagiarism was only thought of as copying other people work as your own. I never realized that having a friend read one of my papers and adding quotes to help my paper is actually plagiarism. The interesting reason why it is, because I myself am not actually writing these quotes. which means the reader is doing the work for me and isn’t my thoughts. So someone might and could say that I handed in my readers’ paper. This is interesting because many people have read my papers and wrote things to include. I didn’t know this could me be seen as plagiarism.

subject Headings:

ZA- information resources

AC Collections. Series. Collected works


For me Wikipedia has been one of my research pages for some time now. Whenever I needed to do some research, Wikipedia has always had some kind of information on my topic. Although it might not have an efficient amount of information, Wiki always gave me information that i can use in my papers. Some professors, or  other people in general would tell us not to use Wikipedia as one our research references because they aren’t always accurate or believable.  to me the information we see on Wikipedia we can always find on a different website or book.  Thats how it is with a lot of the websites that we use today. Why put Wiki down for what some people may think.

New Technology

New Technology

     Before advanced technology people only communicated through hand writing or talking on the phone. We got our news from the hard copy of newspapers and radios. Day in and day out we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the technology we depend on during days. We have advanced over the years with technology. We can be on the train going home and instantly receive updates on what’s happening in the world around us. In the article New Technology and the Media: An Uneasy Alliance explains to use just that. The media for explain have taken this technology and used it to their advantage. Reporters are able to report news directly from their devices to the world web where their audience and easily access.