New Technology

New Technology

     Before advanced technology people only communicated through hand writing or talking on the phone. We got our news from the hard copy of newspapers and radios. Day in and day out we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the technology we depend on during days. We have advanced over the years with technology. We can be on the train going home and instantly receive updates on what’s happening in the world around us. In the article New Technology and the Media: An Uneasy Alliance explains to use just that. The media for explain have taken this technology and used it to their advantage. Reporters are able to report news directly from their devices to the world web where their audience and easily access.  



6 responses to “New Technology

  1. I agree that the media takes full advantage of many of these new technologies, and we benefit by knowing more about what’s going on in the world. But are the impacts of new technologies always positive? Are there any negative or unintended consequences of the changes in the way news is reported and presented?

  2. I found your blog to the point about how technologies have inspire mankind in creating new ideas and great doors to a whole new world. Question do you ever wonder with all these change happening what do you think will happen to the old invention like the book will it still be there or will the book collect dust in a volt never to be use. I hope that as society or mankind grows in to the future they will not for get there past in the process and conutine to look back to improve the future. I really like your blog, and the discover you made while taking and intersing in the reading.

  3. The annals of history are filled with examples of inventions or technologies whose alternate use became more widespread than the original invention/intent (silly putty, viagra, gunpowder, etc) and, I am afraid, we will continue to experience this with all new technology. The biggest danger, I believe, is our own willingness to pour the most intimate details of our lives into cyberspace, giving the ability to monitor our thoughts, habits and movements to anyone able to access the databases where our information is stored.
    Identity theft has become a multi-billion-dollar industry and marketing concerns monitor eour every move in order to sell us products, our mobile phones and GPS systems report our location at all time; even the books that we read and sites we visit online are recorded. Nothing is private anymore!

  4. At the rate the technology is advancing, we can and most likely see the hard copies of books disappear. With a few old fashioned book lovers still around, even they are sometimes caught using kindles or i pads for reading material. We are able to do almost anything with the kind of technology we have in the world today. Yes, nothing is private anymore. Newer cars have built in GPS systems that can be activated without you evening knowing. Think you can keep something quite, not in the world that we live in today.

  5. I do agree with this point you are making; however, with everything there is the possibility to use information and technology to subject the willing and gullible public to other than intended or greedy motives. I feel more information and all information should be available to everyone. With any kind of information all can learn to have a discerning mind and learn the process to pick and choose. I do not think that any one or any one corporation should have controlling powers to decide what one can view and learn whether we might think this is appropriate or not.

  6. it is nice that human beings are moving forward with technology. I feel that the youth are not being pushed in the right direction as far as the internet or even television. The media is totally in control and using all this technology to their advantage which is very scary. We have to be on our toes when it comes to news these days. Technology is nice, but if in the wrong hands it could be the “death” of us.

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