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A new innovation

We have all used diaries and journals before but as technology is advancing, such an innovation called a “blog” has been created. While searching for research on my research topic, I found two very helpful resources. In “An Easy Guide to Blogging” by Nathan Hamm, He expressed a lot of great tips and information on what blogging really is and the benefits of it. Blogs are more so a personal website that is easier to maintain, updated more often, and offering much of a greater opportunity for discussion and interaction. A blog enables you  to add your own personal perspective which is most likely to appeal to a broader audience.

In “Blogging as a Social Tool: A Psychosocial Examination of the Effects of  Blogging” , a survey was used  to examine the the psychosocial differences between bloggers and non bloggers over time. It was determined that bloggers would show improved perceptions of social support and satisfaction with friendship and it lowered psychological distress in comparison with non bloggers.

The differences between the two searches I found was that in the second article which is the one I found through the Brooklyn Public Library and EBSCO, was that this article depicted more of what a blog does for blogger emotionally as oppose to what a blog really is and what it allows us to do. In the first article,it was more so a general overview of What a blog is, What blogging is and the importance of it. In addition, both articles do discuss the benefits of blogging and what it does for people that are bloggers such as I.

Words I used for my search:

blog, blogging, online journal, web log, writing, what is blogging?

Thoughts on Blogging & Non-Text Media

As most of you know I am an active blogger and writer but after attending this class so far,it’s made me wonder, Where did Blogging come from?  and When did it first start?  I’ve had multiple blogs before and I’ve started blogging since I was 14 but never wondered or thought where did blogging come from? and all these questions about the history of blogging and what is this drive that makes people want to blog more & more and what makes people create blogs in the first place?

I want to find out and ask my fellow friends as well why is blogging so important and when did they start. As for non-text media, I’d like to know what kind of importance do non-text media issue?  The different types of non-text media, the advantages/disadvantage and how it’s distributed. There are questions unanswered and I hope that I will be able to conduct research and find out on the history of blogging and non-text media.


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– Jessica Deng