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The steps i will be attempting now is to proof read and make sure that my research question is much more answered in, indept details and also have all my information gathered. And to have all my sources combined where i can compare them and narrow the topic down. Well google has always been my main source for every report or research paper i ever did but coming into this course i’ve learned about other search engines, i am currently still relying on google so i can compare it with other sources. I had my questions and concern i even wanted to change my topic but the motivation i received from the professor to stick with it made me really eager to accomplish this research paper and to stick with the topic.

                      STEFFON WILSON

Homework blog 11-02-2010

What i have learn from this class from the begining until now, is about the defferent search engine that can be used besides google and the different formats and ideas use to search things. Before being enlighten on the different searches i always relied on google for every research papers or topics. I see myself using the new skills i’ve learned i will pass it on to others who aren’t famaliar with how different search engines work. With the new skills also it helps me with different steps in comparing and sharing information from different search engines i wasn’t familiar with, so i have learn quite a lot sofar in this course.     Steffon Wilson

My advance research stratergy is a another site that was very helpful tp me it gave more information than the other website i found it gave just enough to compare the information i had found on the other sites. On, i also learned that our former republican runner up for president John Mcain was being aired by editors for previously plagairising in a speech and my topic and research paper is based on politics vs the publishing industry to know that, this  was possible it kind made my research paper a perfect compare and contrast research paper and with the collective information im gathering on the both party should simplify the pro’s and con’s.                                                  Steffon Wilson

Research topic Self-plagiarism

My research topic is on self-plagiarism i choose this topic because it interested me and it seem to have a lot to say and information to find out on , i was surprise at the fact that there was such thing as self-plagiarism i wasn’t aware of that until i did my research. Currently my topic and focus was on plagiarism itself but that was a very long research paper being that they are different types of plagiarism and self-plagiarism stood out to me the most and my search engine i used was typically, but wikipedia did it for me it had way more information to offer and provided for me.

My reseach paper topic 10-07-2010

 During the process of my research paper i used different forum’s such as google,  wikipedia and also where i orginally went to search on my topic . As i looked up on different sites i got the same information but in a different format, i took interest in every format that was given because they all related to what i was searching for so i was pleased , but did it for me i’m not aiming to get research from any other site. For every webiste i went on my search topic was “the effect of plagiarism” and i recieved full in take on the topic.


In the reading the president of hamilton college apologized for his plagiarism, the speeches he may have said over the last nine years were plagiarized at the college he once was in charge of. I wasn’t aware that maybe certain speeches  that you may have heared over a period of time might have came from someonelse, but reused by another to grab the attention of an audience, who knows just what if famous people or iconic people do so it makes you wonder if whats said by whom ever was it said before and should it stop, and what can we to prevent it from continuing. I believe every philosopher should have his own work and his own speech and words ready to convince the people that, their sincere  about what it is they believe in, Eugen Tobin got away almost a decade of using someone else’s words and he’s now apologizing for it , i dont think thats fair at all to the rightful owner.                                              STEFFON WILSON

Digital Preservation

  In the reading, digital preservation is a ever growing challenge in industry and trend. The same technological advances we all face and share information from and to pose some mordern challenges states Levi. The window of opportunity for preserving information isn’t as broad as anyone would like, because substantial volume of the digitally born information has already been lost and the pace of it increased daily. Levi explained that, the current systems we have and use daily are not suffient for instance libraries andd the information center has digital asset are being managed. Those system weren’t designed with the preservation of digital knowledge in mind. This  go back to when we, were discussing in class about the meaning of privelege and access with out barriers. STEFFON WILSON

the politics of research response

During the reading i’ve took in alot about the reading but what stood out to me the most in the chapter was the word ”knowledge”. It was unclear to me at first what the author was trying to say, but i got it now he says knowledgeable is a good thing to be, but right here he states that knowledge is very limited. I agree with him completely because you can be thought something today and forget it the next day all depends on how it’s interpret it so i fully understood what he meant by knowledge is very limited, but then again it becomes a debate in the sense of the folks who gain it and retain.                  Steffon Wilson

the dotted line

      In the reading it was explainning pretty much that you dont need a big record lable to lift your career wether its singning or rapping or rock. It says also traditionally bands tend to go with independent record lables because they dont fit in the mainstream musically. Lucky for some bands such as ”The Arcade Fire” they went to an independent record lable and who knew that their career would have help them reach to selling out madison square garden, they were not the first band to do so or the first to go independent and find success.                                         STEFFON WILSON

producers of digital media

 During the reading i’ve learn that text , audio and video media of all types comes from a exploding array of sources and producers. I wasn’t awar of that at first i always just went along with the flow i never took the time out to re-search all type of media that i use daily. Also i became aware that the world wide web was introduce in the early 1990’s and the diversity of sources and productions increased, the whole world also change in the process we went from reading news papper to actually being able to read the news over the internet.