Research topic Self-plagiarism

My research topic is on self-plagiarism i choose this topic because it interested me and it seem to have a lot to say and information to find out on , i was surprise at the fact that there was such thing as self-plagiarism i wasn’t aware of that until i did my research. Currently my topic and focus was on plagiarism itself but that was a very long research paper being that they are different types of plagiarism and self-plagiarism stood out to me the most and my search engine i used was typically, but wikipedia did it for me it had way more information to offer and provided for me.


One response to “Research topic Self-plagiarism

  1. I really like your topic because most of people don’t know the different between plagiarism and self –plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone’s word or ides and put in to your own word without giving them credits and self plagiarism is duplication some one’s work. I think yours topic is big and you should narrow your topic and look specifically in one question. Also you should try other website such as yippy, ask, aol, and library date based which will help you more. If you only focused on one typically website then you will find one typically data based but if u look different websites then you will get source of database.

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