In the reading the president of hamilton college apologized for his plagiarism, the speeches he may have said over the last nine years were plagiarized at the college he once was in charge of. I wasn’t aware that maybe certain speeches  that you may have heared over a period of time might have came from someonelse, but reused by another to grab the attention of an audience, who knows just what if famous people or iconic people do so it makes you wonder if whats said by whom ever was it said before and should it stop, and what can we to prevent it from continuing. I believe every philosopher should have his own work and his own speech and words ready to convince the people that, their sincere  about what it is they believe in, Eugen Tobin got away almost a decade of using someone else’s words and he’s now apologizing for it , i dont think thats fair at all to the rightful owner.                                              STEFFON WILSON


One response to “Plagiarism

  1. Plagiarism has always been an issue. We have become more aware that people are doing it more and more these days. We have been taught to give somebody the credit that they deserve when quoting something that they have said. that is not always they case with some people. They want to take credit for someone else work that they their time out to think of. We can go on websites like facebook and twitter and see people using phrases from songs and other speakers without quoting who its from.

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