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Conference on archiving social media

Hi everyone,

Given some of our class discussions I thought you might be interested in this short article about a conference last Friday on archiving social media. Sounds like the conference included discussion of issues like privacy and the amount of data being created, among other topics.

The Future of Social-Media Archiving

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Blog Post 7

An issue I would further want to research is, internet privacy. I want to learn whats out there and what I have to do to keep myself safe while surfing online. Recently some tech-geek created a new way to accurately find someones address through an XXS malicious code-which is able to obtain the MAC address of your router, which then can be used in Google Maps to find the coordinates of your location-all while you are sitting in you pajamas surfing the web without your notice. I want to learn what is being done to provide security and safety to online web 2.0 users. And I also want to learn more about what happens with tags and why some tagged content on one specific site are viewable on other websites even with a embed restriction-for example a video.


Two interesting articles

Rigoberto noticed two articles in this week’s New York Times that might be of interest to everyone:

Code That Tracks Users’ Browsing Prompts Lawsuits

Film Director Comes to the Defense of a Convicted Internet Pirate