Two interesting articles

Rigoberto noticed two articles in this week’s New York Times that might be of interest to everyone:

Code That Tracks Users’ Browsing Prompts Lawsuits

Film Director Comes to the Defense of a Convicted Internet Pirate


One response to “Two interesting articles

  1. So sad how the internet works-whats even more sad is-the people who are doing this and creating programs that will give negative effect and harm are human beings too. I don’t want to worry about 10 million security issues when i’m online and I hope companies understand that millions of us feel the same way!!! And sadly-now a days we don’t seem to give a dam about each other, back then it was customer first and now its companies can do whatever they want as long as they will be making money (like sabotage our privacy!). Selfishness and greed has taken over. Shame Shame.

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