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Ok so far in beginning my research on my topic we were given a few help websites to help advance our search. One site that we were give was google scholar. Another one to name was google books. But the one I picked out was google scholar. On this website I was definally able to find info on my topic. To make the search better I used the advance search button. In using this I was able to search info on my topic. Not only was I able to search info on it, I was also able to cut down the results from being millions and millions of pages of info to a few hundred. And even take my search a step further I was able to cut it down to time periods which was great. Instead of having to look through all kinds of post from many different time periods. I was able to limit it to our day and time dealing with strictly. Things happening now. So over all google scholar is definally a good research site.

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  1. I really like your blog posts and how you talk about your research topic. Thank you, I never knew about Google Scholar, Google Books and the advance search button really made research easy and more organize. May I should rephrase that, I knew Google’s scholar, Google’s Book, and advance search button existed but I never really use it. This is truly amazing, that this search engine, cut the information form a million pages to about hundred pages of information. I found this really unique that Google can do this by killing the time looking at so many unessential things to information that relate to your topic. Thank you for educated me and bring up Google as a good research site.

  2. The advance search on google scholar can also limit the subject u need besides the time line. In the middle of the page u can pick what subject u want to search for like education-wise or business rated topics so that your search would not be too wide. But besides google scholar, it is possible to do similar searchs on yahoo and other search engines about peer view articles cause of u look at the More section on the search engine sites, u can find the advance search sections with similar commands as google scholar. Plus on yahoo main site, you can look under all search services for more search engines that help u in your “quest” for more information and research

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