Library Catalogs and E books

Finding the right book for your research projects, could be a difficult process if you don’t use the correct strategies or if you don’t narrow your topics. Library catalogs can help us to find an adequate book that will contribute with the information needed. In this process we have to be careful with details like: author, title, format, publisher, etc, this kind of specifications could be the key to obtain what we want. Electronic books are another tool in our research mission, the appropriate use or combinations of keywords can enrich our research, having better and more specific results. One of the benefits of e-books is that we can do our research in our own time and place, for instance we can be in the middle of the night and still looking for books in the internet.


4 responses to “Library Catalogs and E books

  1. I agree with your idea. Finding the right book is really important for the research mission and it will be hard to find the book that we really need without the right research strategies. However, having the right searching strategies seems hard. We have experienced searching some books through the CityTech Library catalog and it wasn’t easy to find my research books from the hundreds of books that showed up on the screen. Also the library catalog doesn’t give you the right searching results unless you type exactly the words you need, the library search engine give you few results(this is my case). So, what should we do when we are stuck in this situation? I think the best way is to draw the whole picture of your concept map that we did before in class. The key words that you find will help you to search some books and then the key words may be in your contents or title of the books that you found. To read the contents of the books will reduce the researching time.
    In my case, my topic is search engine bias, I found 6 books when I typed exactly my title ‘search engine bias’ and I got hundreds books from ‘bias’ in my library searching. So, I narrow the my topic and I picked up a important example of my research topic, Google, I got 2 books about Google and its contents contain some bias issue and history about Google that I need for my paper.

  2. I really like this entry. Yesterday in class was my first time ever viewing an E-book and I think E-book’s are very accessible. As the digital and technological age is advancing, gaining more access to books and other forms of research will make things easier especially for students and professors. I think the availability of E-Books will be able to help with everyone’s research topic and make our findings more accessible. I never knew what an E-book looked like until yesterday and I never knew the benefits of it until now. Thanks!

  3. I agree with that because it takes up more time than the normal advance searches that websites can help you with. Also the book may just focus on that one topic you may be focused on and even though the book might just have what your interested in, its all just a point of view and some facts your reading from the author or editors knowledge, rather where you can use a site that can give you more topics and indept details where you can compare and determine which was best for you, during my researching i have came acrossed two books i will be looking into but i won’t rely 100% on the information given.

  4. I am a huge fan of E-books!!! The main reason I like them is because of the size. I can have a bunch of E-books on my computer without having to have the physical copy of the book to haul around. The biggest issue I had with moving from place to place all the time was my book collection. Now even when I go on a trip I can bring many books with me digitally and not have the extra weight. I find it is very easy to find many books in digital format these days. The only problem is older books are harder to find but they are out there. Someone has made the book digital but you are going to have to search for it. I have noticed that almost every book in publication these days has an electronic copy that you can get with it. I think that is great that they are doing that!

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