The steps i will be attempting now is to proof read and make sure that my research question is much more answered in, indept details and also have all my information gathered. And to have all my sources combined where i can compare them and narrow the topic down. Well google has always been my main source for every report or research paper i ever did but coming into this course i’ve learned about other search engines, i am currently still relying on google so i can compare it with other sources. I had my questions and concern i even wanted to change my topic but the motivation i received from the professor to stick with it made me really eager to accomplish this research paper and to stick with the topic.

                      STEFFON WILSON

One response to “THE NEXT STEP….. BLOG POST 11-09-10

  1. I think your topic is really interesting, Steffon, and I’m glad to hear that your sticking with it. You’re right that it’s a good idea to gather all of your sources together in preparation for writing your paper draft. Definitely make sure to proofread and spellcheck, too. And please ask me if you have any questions!

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