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Blog Response 4

Web 2.0 changed the face of the internet in various ways, some rather more dramatically. Before Web 2.0 we had Web 1.0 which where sites like Encyclopedia Britannica (we were encouraged to use this in elementary school)-where information has been verified, accurate and stored on the web, unlike Wikipedia which is considered Web 2.0 is a networking site where anyone can add to existing information. Web 2.0 engages two servers, it allows interaction, feedback, tags, and comments on uploads on the internet, it can be accessed and saved by anyone, some examples would be blogger,  flickr and massive social networking site facebook. Web 2.0 is also an easy way for companies to interact with their customers, sites such as ebay uses the  method paypal where two customers interact through credit card payment.

Web 2.0 has been a profit for companies such as google adsense, if a specific blog is getting tremendous amounts of views and feedback-google will retrieve that and request to add advertisement in that specific blog site (of course both the advertiser and the blogger will make profit). Other ways Web 2.0 is used is –Google Earth and Google Docs (allows files to open and be shared with anyone-PDF files for example). My brother actually uses a web 2.0 content-a networking site called myport80, it allows students to interact and discuss research of their own and others, participate in research forums, share photos and interact with teachers and professors. Web 2.0 has indeed created a major “networking platform”  but only because users add value; without them Web 2.0 is nothing!


Reading: Web 2.0 (Wikipedia), Baker

Media in the digital age

In Pavlik’s media in the digital age he talks about how the digital media has grown and changed our society. Now that the internet has more range of networking, it now showcases audios and videos from anyone. The internet has allowed people to express themselves with sites like youtube and facebook. Most of these videos wont end up in cable television but the internet allows you to actually get notice. It lets you express your artwork and allows people with similar interest to watch or listen.  One question I have since i finished the reading, what if the internet and all the videos and audios would have been created sooner? A lot of great artist weren’t able to showcase their talents. We have a lot more great resources then people from the 60s, 70s and 80s.