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research post

Ok so far in beginning my research on my topic we were given a few help websites to help advance our search. One site that we were give was google scholar. Another one to name was google books. But the one I picked out was google scholar. On this website I was definally able to find info on my topic. To make the search better I used the advance search button. In using this I was able to search info on my topic. Not only was I able to search info on it, I was also able to cut down the results from being millions and millions of pages of info to a few hundred. And even take my search a step further I was able to cut it down to time periods which was great. Instead of having to look through all kinds of post from many different time periods. I was able to limit it to our day and time dealing with strictly. Things happening now. So over all google scholar is definally a good research site.



ok so for my topic i chose to discuss on the issue of how will recording labels continue due to the upgrade in technology. i chose this because im really curious myself to see what plans they have to make money since records are not selling as much anymore. but im not really too sure myself how far to go on with this topic. but slowly yet surely i think i can take this and break this. maybe into the fact as what can happen, and maybe some tips on what should happen. because in my opinion recording labels need to do something fast to keep up. mp3 is the new way of the world, and cd is becoming more of the past. no one really deals with cds as much. even in cars they have made it so instead of cds you can plug your mp3s straight in. so further more a plan should be created as soon as possible.

media storage

The reading given for class was “Managing content in a rich media world” by Dan Goodin. in the article he discusses the improvements made in the storing of media. as his number one example he picked the Dallas museum. In the article he brings up the storage used today called DAM (Digital asset management). This is the media storage system used to put all of the files into one system. not only does it store everything it organizes it so there will be no hassels and stress when it comes down to finding an image or any other piece of work you seek. other than the museum DAM is used in alot of other places as far as the internet is concerned. one being the clothing websites i visite. when i go on i am able to type in the category of my choosing and find whatever it is that i want with as little searching as possible. it is definally a great thing to have been created to allow searching and having accurate finds that i want.

the future of recording labels

since we were given the choice to write on  any topic i decided to continue with  the recording labels. since i  myself am a very big fan of music i am very much interested in knowing what will happen in the future. i want to know what will record labels plan on doing once they arent able to sell records any more. Will they transfer their sales to the internet? Will  they even be able to keep their artist under their label? Will artist just get the hint and leave the record labels so they can persue their careers  as free artist. as a prediction on my own terms i feel that artist will leave the companys once they realize that they cant do for them as they could before. due to the fact very few people buy albums any more  there is really no point in creating them. more and more people begin to download  music under mp3 files leaving  cds behind. so im very interested in seeing what the future holds for the recording labels


Record labels losing there touch

Ok so today i read an article from “The New Yorker” called The Dotted LIne written by Sasha Frere-Jones. (link: In the article it addressed the issue on records labels not being able to do much for their artist now that the world is evolving. Since the new way to listen to music is through mp3 and music files. the way of burning cds is slowly coming to a hault. “Now that the outsized profits of the CD era have disappeared, the music business is rapidly retrenching. With a limited amount of money to make—a sum dwarfed by movies, video games, and sporting events—many bands may figure out that major labels’ publicity budgets are an unsustainable luxury.” (page 2)

i feel Sasha has a great point in that line for the simple fact that record. sales have dropped over the years and doesnt seem like its goin to slow down. and this is simply because more and more music fans have converted to downloading music rather than buying the actual cd. Record labels whole reason for being is to help promote their artist and sell records. If they are not selling records then how can they call theirselves a “record company”? Thats a question you should take into consideration.


Subject headings:

M – Music

TS – production management

researching at its best

I just finished reading chapters 1&2 of William B. Badke’s book called: “Research Strategies”. In reading this i came across some very helpful pointers to make research not such a pain. One thing i found very interesting about these chapters is how he took the time out to even go as far as writing from an actual student point of view. Reading that i laughed to myself because alot of times when i would do papers for class thats how my mind would wonder. One tip i found most interesting was “You have working knowledge of your topice when you can talk about it for one minute without repeating yourself” (page 7). To me this made perfect sense. This is because talking for a minute straight is alot harder than you think. So to be able to that you know you have a good enough start to your topic. Another helpful hint was the section “Be Ruthless”(page112). The overall title was an attention grabber, and then the content itself was straight forward and to the point. The info he gave was kind of shocking because this is not something your hear at all. Most times you hear “read everything” “no information isnt good information” when infact that those are some of the worst things you can say to someone doing research. Reading everything takes too long. when most of the time depending on the source the information is eitha false or strickly an opinon. And in my opinion skimming is something that works. it helps you get to the facts that you want and need rather then give you too much of what you dont. So overall i feel William Badke’s point of view one that should be taken into consideration


subject headings:

LB – Theory and practice of education

LC  – Special aspects of education