Record labels losing there touch

Ok so today i read an article from “The New Yorker” called The Dotted LIne written by Sasha Frere-Jones. (link: In the article it addressed the issue on records labels not being able to do much for their artist now that the world is evolving. Since the new way to listen to music is through mp3 and music files. the way of burning cds is slowly coming to a hault. “Now that the outsized profits of the CD era have disappeared, the music business is rapidly retrenching. With a limited amount of money to make—a sum dwarfed by movies, video games, and sporting events—many bands may figure out that major labels’ publicity budgets are an unsustainable luxury.” (page 2)

i feel Sasha has a great point in that line for the simple fact that record. sales have dropped over the years and doesnt seem like its goin to slow down. and this is simply because more and more music fans have converted to downloading music rather than buying the actual cd. Record labels whole reason for being is to help promote their artist and sell records. If they are not selling records then how can they call theirselves a “record company”? Thats a question you should take into consideration.


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M – Music

TS – production management


One response to “Record labels losing there touch

  1. That’s a good question, Kenny. It’ll be interesting to see whether record companies will continue to be called “record companies” if they change their focus to other areas of the music business.

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