researching at its best

I just finished reading chapters 1&2 of William B. Badke’s book called: “Research Strategies”. In reading this i came across some very helpful pointers to make research not such a pain. One thing i found very interesting about these chapters is how he took the time out to even go as far as writing from an actual student point of view. Reading that i laughed to myself because alot of times when i would do papers for class thats how my mind would wonder. One tip i found most interesting was “You have working knowledge of your topice when you can talk about it for one minute without repeating yourself” (page 7). To me this made perfect sense. This is because talking for a minute straight is alot harder than you think. So to be able to that you know you have a good enough start to your topic. Another helpful hint was the section “Be Ruthless”(page112). The overall title was an attention grabber, and then the content itself was straight forward and to the point. The info he gave was kind of shocking because this is not something your hear at all. Most times you hear “read everything” “no information isnt good information” when infact that those are some of the worst things you can say to someone doing research. Reading everything takes too long. when most of the time depending on the source the information is eitha false or strickly an opinon. And in my opinion skimming is something that works. it helps you get to the facts that you want and need rather then give you too much of what you dont. So overall i feel William Badke’s point of view one that should be taken into consideration


subject headings:

LB – Theory and practice of education

LC  – Special aspects of education


One response to “researching at its best

  1. I liked Badke’s sentence on page 7, too. Even when I’m writing about a topic, I often find myself talking about it to others because I find it so helpful to verbalize the topic as well as write it down.

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