the future of recording labels

since we were given the choice to write on  any topic i decided to continue with  the recording labels. since i  myself am a very big fan of music i am very much interested in knowing what will happen in the future. i want to know what will record labels plan on doing once they arent able to sell records any more. Will they transfer their sales to the internet? Will  they even be able to keep their artist under their label? Will artist just get the hint and leave the record labels so they can persue their careers  as free artist. as a prediction on my own terms i feel that artist will leave the companys once they realize that they cant do for them as they could before. due to the fact very few people buy albums any more  there is really no point in creating them. more and more people begin to download  music under mp3 files leaving  cds behind. so im very interested in seeing what the future holds for the recording labels



3 responses to “the future of recording labels

  1. My teenagers have mp3 players, ipods and all sorts of appendages hanging from their heads and cemented in their ears. My guess is that you’re right on target with your blog. Anywhere we go that’s just how they listen to music and whatever they desire that they downloaded at home or school or from their friends. It’s their choice. I listen to the news on the radio and TV; but they seem to have made up their own mind and listen to whatever they want. I depend on whatever station comes in clear on the radio and whatever CNN, BBC, FOX or local networks decide to broadcast. Half the time I’m talking to thin air because they tune me out with those earphones tucked and pushed into their external auditory canals! And as my youngest son says, “and the ipod goes on.”

  2. I have no clue how to moderate this. Tomorrow someone can help this old lady! I’m yelling for help but my kids can’t hear me.

  3. I dont think CDs will die. Even though you can throw music on to a USB drive and play it that way it is not going to sound as good as a CD. Music gets compressed so much and you loose a lot when you make it digital. You would have to make files so large that depending on how long the song is could be up to 1GB per song. Sound engineers are encouraged to tune sound systems to actual pressed CDs because of the quality. Sample rates and and bit rates can only be so high though too. MP3 players are only around for convenience. It is just so easy to pop those buds in your ears and go. It is very bad for your ears to be honest. I always like to have physical discs though because its the fail safe hard copy backup. I have DVD back ups of all my music which is well over 500GB. You just never know when technology will fail.

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