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            When I would attend family dinners on holydays I would always help my mom or my sister prepare the pernil (roast pork). But one day they had me prepare it which was something I was not looking forward to. Their excuse of why they wanted me to do it was because they said I needed to learn how to cook in order to live on my own. Naturally I was nervous and had no clue where to start or what to do so I went online. I found a website similar to this one In this website it shows you how to prepare the pernil before cooking it. I follow it step by step but added a few things as I went along. The interesting thing I found about cooking a pernil is that there are many different ways to prepare it. Even though I follow the web sites instructions it was very different of how my mom and my sister prepared it. The end result was an edible and delicious pernil.

My Research Topic: Mickey Mouse Law

     My research topic is about the Mickey Mouse Law and the impact it has on all of us. While doing my research on the topic, I used the search engine Yippy and Google. I mostly kept finding websites similar to each other when I type in “Mickey mouse law” or “the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act”. While using yippy I came across many Wikipedia links and on Google many news articles, but they were all similar just in different wording. Though when I type in “Disney Suing people” I found many interesting stories about Disney suing people from drawing him on the wall to having Mickey mouse in the background of your vacation to Disney world. After reading most of the links about why Disney was suing people left and right, I really feel that Disney has gone way too far to really protect their property. I remember bringing up a question whether Disney could sue you for having a tattoo of Mickey mouse on your arm and after reading at least ten different stories, I’m afraid to say that they could probably claim your arm.