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Conference on archiving social media

Hi everyone,

Given some of our class discussions I thought you might be interested in this short article about a conference last Friday on archiving social media. Sounds like the conference included discussion of issues like privacy and the amount of data being created, among other topics.

The Future of Social-Media Archiving

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Prof Smale

Digital Preservation

I think digital preservation is a great thing. We all wreak the benefits of it everyday.  There are huge computer servers in countries around the world dedicated to capturing and collecting all sorts of information.  Most of the music servers are located in Europe.  We might as well utilize the relationship we have with technology these days. Almost everyone has some sort of an external hard drive to store data on.  There is a website online called The Internet Archive which catalogs texts, audio, software, web sites, moving images, etc. I like this site because it archives live concerts. They are all audience recordings, which can be nice sometimes. No soundboard or “SBD” copies can be put on the archive without the bands consent. Some bands sell their live recordings, so they do not allow it being in free trade.  We used to trade concert recordings through the mail. There were databases were people would list their collections. You could then email that person and set up a trade. You would send the blank discs to them and they will burn them and send them back. You would pay for postage and that was it.  Having servers dedicated to this helps us.