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Class notes 10/14 and 10/19

If you’d like to refer back to our class discussions on the research process, here are the powerpoint notes:

Thu 10/14: LIB1201_1014

Tue 10/19: LIB1201_1019

Also, here’s a link to Bubbl.us, the online tool we used for creating concept maps in class on 10/14: http://bubbl.us. It’s a great tool for brainstorming, too, which might be helpful as we begin to create search strategies.

And speaking of search strategies, here’s the information search worksheet we used in class on 10/19: LIB1201_infoworksheet

Research Journal

Some difficulty I had at first was choosing my question. Our research topic question had to be a question that couldn’t be easily answered. Another problem I had was that after I finally chose my question it was to big. So I had to bring it down a bit and focus on a type of category, for example I’m doing a question on the music industry. Some strategies I used upon choosing my question was trying to focus on a something that I like and that is very interesting. In class after I chose my question I found the brainstorming exercise very helpful and gave me an idea how to break down my question. A question I have is do we have limit on website we can reference and other then wikipedia what other website we cant reference.

J. Lantigua