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New Skills

The past three classes introduced me to new ways of finding information. In the class I learned about google scholar and google books. I never knew about scholar, it’s been very helpful with my research proposal. I knew about google books but never used it like I used google. I also learned how to use the article database which was extremely helpful. Last year in English 101 it wasn’t explain as clearly as in this class. I also learned how to use the Inter Library Loan for students. I already requested a loan for an article and it came the following day. The loan I can see myself using in the future for other project. This class has been very helpful!


research post

Ok so far in beginning my research on my topic we were given a few help websites to help advance our search. One site that we were give was google scholar. Another one to name was google books. But the one I picked out was google scholar. On this website I was definally able to find info on my topic. To make the search better I used the advance search button. In using this I was able to search info on my topic. Not only was I able to search info on it, I was also able to cut down the results from being millions and millions of pages of info to a few hundred. And even take my search a step further I was able to cut it down to time periods which was great. Instead of having to look through all kinds of post from many different time periods. I was able to limit it to our day and time dealing with strictly. Things happening now. So over all google scholar is definally a good research site.

Research Journal 2

Well this weekend I started searching with google scholar. Scholar is very useful it gave me many PDF articles to look at for my research question. Google books was also helpful, it showed many books for files haring which is part of my research question. Besides google, I liked using yahoo because of yahoo answers. A lot of people ask similar questions like my research question and when others answer their question they add links supporting their answers which is very helpful. But I think the library database was the most useful since they’re so many articles and books relating to my topic. Some problems I came across was finding websites relevant to my question. If I wasn’t specific with my searches I wouldn’t have found some useful information.

Research Journal Post

I used Google Scholar to search the web.  It was great, found some great articles. If I couldn’t read the whole thing i just searched the web for the article and I could find it.  The only problem i found with using it was that you would have to pay for some of the articles which you really don’t if you search hard enough. i don’t find the advanced search that great with Google. If you know what to type into the regular search then you are set. I was getting the same types of sites and articles with both. I myself find it very easy to search the web. I can usually find anything I want if I look hard enough for it. I DO NOT like a lot of the portals that are found on the net though. A lot of them are full of garbage and pop ups and bunk links!