How to use the Sharp UX A1000 fax machine

A couple of days ago I got a call from an elderly (77 y.o.) neighbor who asked if I could come by his home to set-up his fax machine. I went over to his home yesterday and, upon inspecting the machine, discovered that it was missing the ink cartridge. When I asked to see the manual, so that I could find out what type of cartridge needed to be bought, he replied that someone had given him the fax machine “as-is” and that he did not have any manuals. It, suddenly, occurred to me that this was the perfect opportunity for me to fulfill this homework assignment and help my friend, all at once. Therefore, I told my friend that I would try to find out
Upon returning to my home, I went online and found a site ( ) from which I was able to download the manual. After perusing the manual I was able to get a pretty good idea of all the parts that it should have and how to set-it-up. I also discovered that it uses a Sharp UX-C70B cartridge.
I found the manual to be well written and its descriptions and illustrations of the parts and procedures easy to follow. It is not full of technical jargon and gives, step-by-step instructions on set-up and usage. I can’t imagine that anyone with a sixth- grade education and some common sense would have difficulties understanding how to set-it-up and use it.

I will take this pdf file to staples, print it, and give it to Ralph so that he will know how to use the machine after I set-it-up for him.


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