Last Post!

Hey everyone !! i want to just post one more time on this blog because the year is finally over. I want to say thanks to the class for a great learning experience and I also want to thank the professor for teaching us. This class was fun and very interesting. i hope everyone had as much fun as i did. THANKS !!! lol

Final Project Web Design

Here is our group project Web Design and research tool with links to create your own Web site. Chris and Colleen



Group Project Online Documentation


Group Online Documentation Project

Group Member: Samina

Independent work–no group

Group Project Presentation

Group members : Richard chen, Hyeongi Kim, Clinton


Group Project Online Documentation

Group Members: Jeremy Lantigua, Jessica Deng &  Lynn Jean

Our Online Technology/Documentation:

Next Tuesday: class in Rm A540

Hi everyone, just want to remind you that for our next class on Tuesday 12/14:

– Work on your group projects
– Class will be in our old computer room: Rm A540
– Prof Keith Muchowski will be with you and will take attendance

REMEMBER: Group projects are due and class presentations will be held on Thursday 12/16!

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Prof Smale

Homework 12/7/10

For Thursday, please watch Sloan, read Berners-Lee, and think about your answers to these questions:

– Has the way that you think about information changed over the course of this semester?
– Has the way that you use information changed over the course of this semester?
– How?

– What do you see as the future of information?
– What challenges will this future bring?
– What opportunities?
– Are you ready?

BE PREPARED to discuss your answers in class!

Class notes and homework 11/30/10

Several of you asked today about using images in your documentation project and presentation. Remember that you are required to use at least 4 images. Searching from the Creative Commons website is a great way to find images for your projects. Remember that you must cite your sources for images as well as text.

Go to and uncheck the “commercial purposes” box to search Flickr and Google Images. You can also search for audio and video from this page.


For Thursday, please do the two readings listed on the syllabus (Edge, Robinson) and bring at least 1 question about the reading to class. We will use these questions to frame our class discussion — please write the question down (I will collect them).

Prof Smale