Next Tuesday: class in Rm A540

Hi everyone, just want to remind you that for our next class on Tuesday 12/14:

– Work on your group projects
– Class will be in our old computer room: Rm A540
– Prof Keith Muchowski will be with you and will take attendance

REMEMBER: Group projects are due and class presentations will be held on Thursday 12/16!

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Prof Smale


Homework 12/7/10

For Thursday, please watch Sloan, read Berners-Lee, and think about your answers to these questions:

– Has the way that you think about information changed over the course of this semester?
– Has the way that you use information changed over the course of this semester?
– How?

– What do you see as the future of information?
– What challenges will this future bring?
– What opportunities?
– Are you ready?

BE PREPARED to discuss your answers in class!

Class notes and homework 11/30/10

Several of you asked today about using images in your documentation project and presentation. Remember that you are required to use at least 4 images. Searching from the Creative Commons website is a great way to find images for your projects. Remember that you must cite your sources for images as well as text.

Go to and uncheck the “commercial purposes” box to search Flickr and Google Images. You can also search for audio and video from this page.


For Thursday, please do the two readings listed on the syllabus (Edge, Robinson) and bring at least 1 question about the reading to class. We will use these questions to frame our class discussion — please write the question down (I will collect them).

Prof Smale

Class notes 11/23/10

Here are the notes I wrote on the board today about your final research paper. Please remember that it’s due next Tuesday, November 30th. I’m looking forward to reading your papers!

Have a good Thanksgiving!
Prof Smale

Onion Samosa

When I get free time I love to cook. Cooking is one of my favorite thing to do which I enjoy a lots. I like love to cook different recipes. When my mom cooks something I always help her see what she cooking. Samosas is one of my favorite desserts. It is very traditional and popular among Asian people. You can make Samosas in so many different ways. Each cooks adding their own different signatures to a time grateful basic Samosas Recipe, while you could make meat, vegetables or chicken and it’s very easy to make. All other among onion Samosas is my favorite. I learn this recipe from my mom. There the link where the guy show how to make onion samosas.

Class notes 11/18/10

Today we discussed documentation of processes or products, and you demonstrated the documentation sources you found for your homework.

We also discussed your research paper draft, and some issues that appeared frequently in your drafts.

More details are available in today’s slides.

Also, here’s the formatting example for your final research paper that I handed out in class today.

There’s no reading or homework this weekend other than revising your paper. Your final paper is due on November 30th! Detailed guidelines are available on the Assignments page.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a good weekend,
Prof Smale


I choose a manual of an electronic Drum Pad from the 80’s, in this manual they have the information of the artifact, they explain how it works, and how you can improve the sounds that you can create with that instrument. In this manual you have diagrams, technical descriptions, contact information, etc. I think that this documentation is really excellent organized. This manual also comes in different languages which makes more comprehensible for more people from different countries. I think that when some information has to be documented, it needs to be clear, well organized and must be explained in a manner easy to understand.