media storage

The reading given for class was “Managing content in a rich media world” by Dan Goodin. in the article he discusses the improvements made in the storing of media. as his number one example he picked the Dallas museum. In the article he brings up the storage used today called DAM (Digital asset management). This is the media storage system used to put all of the files into one system. not only does it store everything it organizes it so there will be no hassels and stress when it comes down to finding an image or any other piece of work you seek. other than the museum DAM is used in alot of other places as far as the internet is concerned. one being the clothing websites i visite. when i go on i am able to type in the category of my choosing and find whatever it is that i want with as little searching as possible. it is definally a great thing to have been created to allow searching and having accurate finds that i want.


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