Well this will be my first research paper so im trying to find the simplest way on writing it. Im try to read all over my sources and come up with my own answer to my research question. Im going to put some of my sources in my paper to help support my opinions for the question. I have never done a research paper so im kind of nervous on how to begin and what information should be put into the paper and what should be left out. Im going to search the internet and look at other research papers to get an idea on how to begin. One question i have is it a good way to start the paper with my question as the first sentence?
J. Lantigua


One response to “Homework

  1. There are lots of different ways to start writing a paper. Sometimes it can seem a little scary to start with a blank page, and here’s where you can use your outline to help you focus. What I often do is start with my outline and begin writing the body of the paper first, then the conclusion, then leave the introduction for last. Once you start writing it often gets easier to keep writing.

    You could begin your paper with your research question, but it might read better if you started with a few sentences introducing the topic of your paper before specifying your research question. The sample paper we looked at in class might help, and if you Google ” APA style sample paper” you will find other examples too (I didn’t want to bring too many to class earlier this week).

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