Blog Response 1

Well this is my first time blogging. I don’t really understand it I guess. I never have enough time to really write in one or read one.  I think there is a lot of “garbage” on the net these days. It is certainly making it harder and harder for people to do any type of research. I mean you cant even search for most anything without getting some sort of porn website come up.  Most people including students have forgotten why the internet was invented in the first place. What good is something when you have to weed through the crap all the time. It seems everyone just uses it to shop or talk to their friends or complain about stuff on message boards.  There is real information and news out there.  Take a look people, you will find it if you step out of farmville!


2 responses to “Blog Response 1

  1. I completely agree that the vast amount of information on the internet makes research challenging. You’ve pointed out one of the main reasons why, I think, which is that the internet is used for so many different purposes by so many different people. It’s challenging to design ways to meaningfully search the unruly internet with such a variety of types of information out there.

  2. I totally agree with your blog post. The internet today is mostly being used for other things then to find and collect useful knowledge. All the junk sites need to be separated from the useful ones. Its difficult to search for information if your constantly fearing a virus or spyware. The internet should be safer and more secure.

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