Thoughts on Plagiarism

Last week in class we discussed a lot of interesting facts from  copy writing to plagiarism. What really caught my attention was plagiarism. To me plagiarism was only thought of as copying other people work as your own. I never realized that having a friend read one of my papers and adding quotes to help my paper is actually plagiarism. The interesting reason why it is, because I myself am not actually writing these quotes. which means the reader is doing the work for me and isn’t my thoughts. So someone might and could say that I handed in my readers’ paper. This is interesting because many people have read my papers and wrote things to include. I didn’t know this could me be seen as plagiarism.

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One response to “Thoughts on Plagiarism

  1. It’s definitely a fine line: essentially it’s the difference between suggesting changes to a paper and actually making the changes for someone else. But it’s definitely *not* an argument against peer review — having someone else read our work can be so helpful, and as long as we make sure to make the changes ourselves we’ll stay on the right side of that line.

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