thinking about reaserch

So far in class we discuss about many different thing. But still I’m confused about research because, there is so much information out there it very difficult to find the right information. Technology makes the research lots of the technology easier but at the same time we need to know improve our research skills. The aspect the technology makes our life easier but indeed it affecting our lives. The Most of the time we just think about   the advantage of technology but we don’t thing about the down part. All the little consequences, which could take serious part of our lives. So I think we should discuss more about the technology and how it effecting our lives


2 responses to “thinking about reaserch

  1. i too do agree with you on this post. technology does give us the upper hand when it comes to research. it cuts down the time it takes and definally the stresses of it. but then on the other hand technology is becoming more and more advanced changing its postion in our day to day lives. so for us not to take the time to get a deeper understanding of what it does and how it works before we know it technology could try and take over. lol and im pretty sure we donet want a repeat of what happend in the movie Eagle Eye. lol

  2. Research can definitely be confusing — even though technology makes it easier in some ways, there are also challenges in finding the right information, as you note. We’ll keep practicing research both in class and throughout the semester!

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