Plagiarism: a lie of mind

In this article Isserman talk about what is plagiarism and how it important. He gives his own life experiences as a professor at Hamilton College what is plagiarism and what is not plagiarism.

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In college courses we do many researches, read many different things and discuss them in class and incorporate them in our own words. It very important that we give credit to them where we get from it. Plagiarism is using other words or ideas without giving them credits. Plagiarism is like a crime which is steeling some one else words or ideas and put them in your own words with out giving them points. plagiarism is very important and common mistake often people make and they end up with very shameful and serious incident. For  example the president of Hamilton college  who end up with being plagiarize someone else words . Some times we got similar though with other but we have to give the points. So we need to be careful before doing our research . T o avoid plagiarism we could directly quote some one or we could summarize in our own word what  the person said.


One response to “Plagiarism: a lie of mind

  1. I agree that in college we do have a lot of writing intensive classes that we are either forced to take or choose to take for the love of it. As a student who is currently taking three writing intensive classes, an active blogger, and writer I have to say that it is hard to NOT to plagiarize from other peoples words because there are times where we can’t form a thought and develop “writer’s block” and in desperate times, we often use other people’s words which often causes controversy. It is true that we need to be careful in doing our research and try to avoid the little mistakes (i.e – forgetting to quote, forgetting to do citations, forgetting to put in the author’s name, and etc.) The little mistakes can often add up and it is important that we try to avoid that as best as we can.

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