Homework for 10/5/10

Beginning next week we will move away from reading response blog posts and into research journal blog posts, which will lead us into the research paper.

I will give you a prompt for all of the research journal blog posts. I’ll bring the prompt to class and post it here on the website.

For next Tuesday 10/5, please write your 100-word blog post about any topic we’ve covered in class so far that you find interesting. What interests you about the topic? Is there anything on this subject you’d like to learn more about?

Also for next time, please write 1 comment on any blog post by one of your classmates, and do the reading (Badke Ch. 4 and the article by Dye, full details on the syllabus).

I’ll post and email about our classroom location on Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!
Prof Smale


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