Research Journal Post 11/2/2010

The one thing that i learned how to do better was search through article databases. There are a lot of publications out there too so it can be hard sometimes to find certain things. The data bases are usually huge and it was nice to learn to get right to the point when searching.  It is the same as hunting through music archives. I couldnt imagine doing these types of searches using microfilm. Most magazines and newspapers are online now so everything is saved and easy to find if you look right.  I will most likely use this new information outside when researching for my industry.  Article databases can hold some very useful information that is quick and easy to find.

One response to “Research Journal Post 11/2/2010

  1. I to have learned quite alot coming into this course and learning about the different data bases that can be used to search and look things up. Information is limited and changes very often so the different data found on search engines. Newspaper information to me its only valid for a week and the article stories changes rapidly in the course of the week from different sources, so i wouldn’t rely to much on their source. So i agree with you completely on the learning new things, as this course continue i would like to continue to learn and explore more into search engines and etc.

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