G. Ramsey’s Wellington recipe

This link is to the video on how Chef Gordon Ramsey is making his Beef Wellington from his show on the UN channel called the F word. Here he teaches step by step on how to prepare and cook it. So it starts off with sealing the beef so the juice wouldn’t spill out, then a layer of semi-cooked “blitzed” (0:46) or blended finely and wrapped a first time with ham. Then refrigerate and taken out once more to add a layer on pastry dough to give it a texture when baking it. Lastly he refrigerates it once more before the glaze and “scores” which allows the dough to rise a little and then baking to finish it off. Each step is extremely important because if u miss a step, the result just might not be the same and the flavor would be different. I chose this specific short media is because Besides just showing a person how to make it, this video goes close in order to make sure you can see each point and hopefully those who are following the recipe wont mess it up.



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