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Since the start of the well known existence of the “WEB”, the reading questions whether or not is it good for the economy and for the writers themselves and how it affects the world. As we know today, publishers have always been tough on what type of materials they want to help publish because of the word money. With the WEB now, it is easier for new writers and those who want to share their thoughts express themselves freely and easier since at this time, technology is booming worldwide.

Because of this existence, it is true the writing community might not like all these “unsupervised” expressions on thoughts yet without the WEB, we see that there was always a limit to where the writings of today and of the past ends up. One important thing in the WEB is just like what we use in class which is this very Blog. In this blog, we as students can share our thoughts and ideas throughout the world and read the thoughts of others. Of course there are problems with the WEB from glitches to bugs that exist daily, but this doesn’t mean that we will abandon every other ways to transfer out thoughts and creations. Just because of the WEB, we as humans aren’t going to give up writing on paper and pens so that in the future if anything happens to the WEB, we won’t depend fully on it. It is always better to have a extra “hard/physical” draft or everything we post online or on paper.

Subject headings:

Z- Books

ZA-Information Resources

-Richard Chen


2 responses to “Blog Response2

  1. The phrase “unsupervised expressions” is great. Can you think of any ways in which writers and publishers could benefit from the increasing ability of average folks to express themselves on the web? And do you think that writings on the web are less permanent than in hard copy? (We’ll talk more about some of these issues when we talk about preservation in a couple of weeks.)

  2. Well, I like to comment on the line Richard said, “publishers have always been tough on what type of materials they want to help publish because of the word money.” I disagree on this part and I am no expert in the publishing business, but in any kind of business, money is not always the reason why certain things do and don’t make the cut. Since we are talking about the publishing business, there are other underlying factors as to why publishers are tough on what to publish and what not to publish. Some of the reasons as to why an item may not be published is because of an insufficient amount of workers and insufficient supply or demand to meet the needs of a publishing company.

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